In Our Father’s Hands

We wish we could say “here’s our story – here’s how it all worked out.”  But we can’t say that since we are just waiting…not knowing how it will all end up.  But however it ends up, we are in our Father’s Hands. 

We have been learning, though, that we are not really just waiting – we are actively learning many treasures along the way.  It is our prayer that these will encourage your heart like they have ours. Come back to this page soon…it will be updated as we see more of God’s grace in our lives.

Fanling Park, HK. The Lord Jesus said, “I will not leave you comfortless, I will come to you.” John 14:18

Only Believe: A ruler of the synagogue came to Jesus and begged for Him to heal his precious  daughter who was dying.  So Jesus went to heal this child.  But on the way, there was bad news – she had already died.  Too late. Wrong timing. We felt this way during our road to adoption.  We felt that the whole timing was wrong. Jesus’ answer is a great comfort to us at this time.  We pray that you too will take hold of our Lord’s words and let them comfort you also in whatever you are going through. Jesus said, “ Be not afraid, only believe.” Mark 5:21-43 What may seem like the wrong timing to our plans, is the perfect time for the Lord to reveal His miracle.

Overcome the World: The world system can become very wearisome.  The adoption process, for example, can be very difficult because of the system we have to deal with.  Always keep in mind, that God has overcome the world.  This is true primarily in setting us free from sin, but also in growing in faith.  Trusting Him that He can change what needs to be changed.  True, the ‘kings’ of the land make the rules and decisions, but above them all, the King’s heart is in His Hands.

God’s Work, not Our Work: When things don’t work out the way we planned them, often we might ask ourselves, why am I doing this anyway?  To come to the point of really digging deep inside to find out our foundational motives is a really great place to be.  If the hardships in your life have brought you to that place, thank the Lord for His mercy in teaching you this treasure.  Dig away. Find out your motives.  He is creating a beautiful masterpiece in your life. 

Moses had a lot to Sing About! The song of Moses in Deuternomy 32: 7 is one of his amazing songs.  But it’s hard to sing when everything is going wrong.  Exodus 17:8 describes the historical account of Amalek.  He was from Esau’s family line.  The children of Israel had just received fresh, pure water from the Rock of Horeb, and Amalek decided that he was going to have that great water source for himself!  So get out of the way Israelites!  He fought against them when they were at a time of exhaustion – just worn out!  Moses had to hold his hands up high, and when he did, the Israelites did well in their battle against Amalek.  But Moses got tired and he couldn’t hold his hands up high any longer.  Do you feel like that? Just exhausted? When Moses’ hands went down, the Israelites starting doing badly.  So Aaron and Hur each took a hand and held up Moses’ hands.  They gave Moses a rock to rest upon.  The end of verse 12 says ” his hands were steady until the going down of the sun!”

What a picture of Christ in this account!  Aaron was from the tribe of Levi – the priestly line.  Hur was from the tribe of Judah – the kingly line.  Jesus is our priest, the only one who can forgive our sins.  Jesus is our King, may he reign over our hearts and minds and may his will be done in our lives. 

The Lord is your rock to rest upon.  The Lord will hold your hands high.  He is your strength when you cannot go on any longer.  He is your triumph. 

Jehovah-nissi, the Lord is our banner, our victory. 

 Manna Still Falls From Heaven

The Lord gave the Israelites manna from heaven to sustain them in the wilderness.  Still today, manna comes down from heaven for each of the Lord’s people all around the world.  The Lord’s manna still gives us the strength to face the trials and troubles that come our way.   Psalms 78:24 and John 6:31.

The Lord’s manna for today is the Word of God.  But we need to get it fresh each day!  If the Israelites tried to store up extra manna for the next day, it went all rotten!  With reading the Word of God, we cannot just read it all on one day a week hoping to store it up to last a while!  We need to get our fresh manna every day!  And God provides the manna so faithfully and mercifully, we just need to spend time with Him for the strength for each day.


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