Our Yard Sale and Bake Sale!

It's strawberry season!!

Our homemade card display

WOW!!! First….A great big thank you to the Lord because He is amazing at turning things around for the best!

Well, it rained on our yard sale! It was the only Saturday we had available in June. All the other Saturdays in June, we were in the all-day, compulsory adoption classes. So, the only Sat we had free, it rained!! We had to put tarps over all the stuff to protect it. We set up lots of things in the garage and under the porch. We were wiping things down with towels…. not good…..

I wanted to explain all this to encourage others. How can a rainy yard sale be encouraging?

During our lives there are always things that just don’t work out. But is that really true? In God’s eyes did it not really work out? I am beginning to see that in God’s eyes, this yard sale actually did really work out. And maybe there is something that you are working on that is not going well at all. Take a step back from the problem and try to look at it through God’s perspective….perhaps it is all working out just fine after all. God has a purpose and a goal in mind. His purposes are often so different from ours because we are all short-sighted. But thank the Lord that He has eternity in His heart.

May we have eternity with the Lord in our hearts too….in everything we do….

So, back to the yard sale…..in the wee hours of the morning…or was it still at night?…..we were somewhat awake, and setting things up, and people were coming….WOW…people come shopping at yard sales early! That was great because it wasn’t raining at such an early hour, the rain wasn’t even awake yet! But people were wide awake, and shopping, and we were swamped at the beginning! No pun intended, I meant swamped with people, not with water.

Then as the sky darkened, we thought that it was all over, too soon! True, not as many people, but to my amazement, people still bravely shopped. True yard salers are never turned away by rain, so I have seen with my own eyes!!

So here’s a list of all the great things that happened….
We were given TONS of things to sell!! A huge big thank you to all of you who helped us out! We were and still are very touched by your kindness.

The children got to see the generousity of others…praise the Lord! They got to see Christian love in action.

Our daughter made bracelets to sell. Our son drew illustrations for us to put on greeting cards.

Kind friends donated so deliciously to our bake sale! We ended up being full and overflowing! We thank you with all our hearts. The sales of the baked goods went excellent! Our neighbours bought some and then came back for more, thank you for such scrumptous goodies! We had cookies of various assortments, cupcakes, pies, muffins, and speciality bread. My son did so well….you know how hard it was for him not to eat all that stuff….!!! Especially when the jumbo sized, soft, chewy, look like they would melt in your mouth chocolate chip cookies came out…..

My mom graciously bought my ‘cookies-in-their-eyes’ children some of the baked goods. Thanks Mom!

Neighbourhood children came and bought at our daughter’s lemonade stand which we thought would not sell well at all! But I was amazed! It would have gone much better in a hot sunny day of course, but nevertheless, she was a trooper!

We had a lot of kind comments (about our fundraiser) from complete strangers!

There were other yard sales going on around the neighborhood, so that brought out more people!

Many thanks to my dear friend who came and helped out so much, and to my enthusiastic, supportive mom, and to my wonderful husband, and last but not least, my strong and generous son, and kind-hearted daughter. Without all of you, this yard sale would not have been such a success!!!

Many thanks to our friends for the the sweet, fresh strawberries. They sold really well!

During the whole yard sale, we keep on looking up at the sky to watch the clouds to see what the rain would be doing next. Then I got thinking…we need to be looking up all the time, not just during the rainstorm. But it is often the difficult times that make us look up the the Lord.

Set your mind on things above and not on the things of this earth.

Keep your heart in eternity…..

In God’s eyes, the rained out yard sale taught all of us some wonderful things…things that cannot be stopped by rain. We saw people’s kindness, got lots of encouragement from others and overall had a great time!

My son said he wants to do another yard sale….we still have enough stuff for another worthwhile yard sale…..so we are praying about what day to do it…..and if it rains again…that’s in the Lord’s good hands…



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2 Responses to Our Yard Sale and Bake Sale!

  1. helen says:

    The weather did not dampen your spirit because the joy of the Lord is your strength; in fact your whole family’s enthusiasm was so contagious that those around you were not bothered about the rain clouds. The sun is always shining whether it’s cloudy or dark – no matter what – there’s always hope in that!
    Love you all.

  2. Sheryl says:

    “…we need to be looking up all the time, not just during the rainstorm. But it is often the difficult times that make us look up the the Lord.”
    “God has a purpose and a goal in mind. His purposes are often so different from ours because we are all short-sighted.”
    Thank you, Ruth for sharing these words. I think I really needed a reminder today.

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