Welcome! If you are adopting either internationally or domestic, we hope to help you out with resources and encouragement.  Even if you are just thinking about adopting, we hope that this site will be of help to you.  Under the RESOURCES blog, we are constantly adding adoption information.  Our own adoption ups and downs are under the ADOPTION JOURNEY blog. Check out the ENCOURAGEMENT blog for our thoughts along this journey, and last but not least on the practical side of things….private domestic and international adoption can be overwhelmingly expensive!  We hope we can help you figure out how to raise funds to change the life of a precious child!  Look at the FUNDRAISING blog for our own fundraising adventures and links to other fundraising ideas.

 May the Lord bless you as you follow His heart in adoption.

  We hope that as we share our struggles, and how God’s glory still shines through it all, that you will be strengthened to go through the struggles you have. The Lord knows what you are facing and He has the strength and the grace for you.  Keep your eyes on Him.

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